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Bargain Moulding Overview

Bargain Moulding is your solution if you’re looking to transform your home or office without breaking the bank. With over 1 million feet of premium products in stock and other top-notch materials at a fraction of the costs, their budget-friendly options ensure that you get the quality you deserve without overspending.

Greg highlights how Qoblex resolved their significant inventory control issues by offering seamless procurement, comprehensive inventory valuation, and efficient stock transfers between multiple locations. The smooth transition with Qoblex eliminated any initial reservations and extended their relationship with Shopify, significantly impacting their longevity in the business. The exceptional onboarding process, timely support, and seamless integration with Shopify point of sale were key aspects of their success.

“Qoblex offers affordable solutions for businesses seeking advanced inventory management and analytics.”

-Greg, Bargain Moulding

Bargain Moulding
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Bargain Moulding Q&A

This Q&A has been compiled from a customer interview and presents the key points and insights shared by Bargain Moulding regarding their experience with Qoblex.

Thank you for your time, Greg. Let’s begin with your challenges before using Qoblex. What were the significant issues you faced?

The major challenge was inventory control. Shopify was good for sales but lacked logic in procurement processes. We couldn’t evaluate inventory value, bring in new material, track sales, or transfer items between locations.

Great to understand the context. Did you have any reservations during your Qoblex trial period?

No, not at all. The transition was seamless. Qoblex was user-friendly and met our needs, enhancing our procurement and inventory management significantly.

How was your onboarding experience with Qoblex when you first started?

The onboarding was impressive. Despite time zone differences, the team was responsive. It was the shortest and most cohesive onboarding process I’ve experienced with any middleware. Qoblex gets an A plus on onboarding.

Were there specific areas where Qoblex’s team assisted you in achieving your goals?

When we faced issues, the team was quick to respond and offered effective solutions. The support was outstanding compared to other platforms we’ve used.

Now, about our recent improvements, did you notice a significant difference in performance?

Yes, there was a notable improvement. The new dashboards are faster and more efficient, enhancing the overall user experience.

In your opinion, who would benefit the most from a platform like Qoblex, and would you recommend us?

Small to midsize businesses looking to expand without a dedicated ERP team would benefit greatly. Qoblex offers affordable solutions for businesses seeking advanced inventory management and analytics.

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About Bargain Moulding

If you want to know more about Bargain Moulding or check out their products you can visit their website here. Bargain Moulding serves as the ultimate hub for your home and office remodeling essentials, providing a wide variety of top-notch mouldings and other high-quality materials. Whether you prefer to explore their showrooms in Bohemia or Amityville, New York, or get in touch in advance to inquire about availability and pricing, obtaining the necessary materials has never been easier.

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