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Home Lab is your go-to online store for meticulously crafted bedding and homeware, proudly designed in New Zealand. Their pieces blend affordability with superior craftsmanship, allowing you to experiment and transform your space without breaking the bank. From bed linen to throws, cushions, and furniture, Home Lab offers seamless integration, enabling endless possibilities in your home.

In this case study, Ben discusses the challenges faced before using Qoblex, highlighting the need for accurate stock tracking and integration with accounting software. He mentions considering other options like Cin7 but appreciates Qoblex’s continuous improvements and personalized support. Ben emphasizes the platform’s integral role in tracking costs, managing orders, and ensuring accurate financial records.

“While considering other options like Cin7, the lack of adequate support and unnecessary complexity made us stick with Qoblex.”

-Ben, Home Lab

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Home Lab Q&A

This Q&A has been compiled from a customer interview and presents the key points and insights shared by Home Lab regarding their experience with Qoblex.

To start, could you share the challenges you faced before using Qoblex?

Before Qoblex, our major challenge was the lack of Shopify integration and software that could handle the complexities of accurately tracking stock and cost of goods sold. We needed a solution that could provide a comprehensive overview of our finances and stock counts.

Have you tried other similar software before considering Qoblex?

No, we hadn’t. What stood out with Qoblex was its functionality, which suited our growing needs. While considering other options like Cin7, the lack of adequate support and unnecessary complexity made us stick with Qoblex.

Did you have any reservations when adopting our software?

Not really. Although starting with new software is always a bit daunting, Qoblex’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration made the onboarding process smooth. Plus, the excellent support team quickly resolved any initial teething issues we faced.

How has Qoblex assisted your team in achieving its goals?

Qoblex has become integral to our operations. It allows us to accurately track the cost of goods and every sale. Especially with the upcoming BI tools, we’re excited to gain deeper insights into our business data, aiding our decision-making processes and ensuring our cash flow remains steady.

Who do you think would benefit most from Qoblex, and would you recommend it?

I wholeheartedly recommend Qoblex. Any business managing stock, from small setups to larger enterprises, can benefit immensely. Starting early with robust software like Qoblex is crucial. It avoids future headaches when the business grows, ensuring a seamless and efficient stock management process.

Thank you, Ben, for your valuable insights. We appreciate your time and look forward to supporting your business further. If you have any final thoughts please feel free to share.

Absolutely. I’m grateful for the flexibility Qoblex provides. I can manage my business from anywhere, even poolside in Bali. Thanks to Tahar and the team. Looking forward to what the future holds.

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Home Lab: Where quality meets affordability in New Zealand-designed bedding and homeware. Crafted for those who love to experiment with their home decor, their timeless, high-quality pieces are made to last. Explore the art of home transformation with Home Lab.

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