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SARZA, founded by Sarah Briginshaw, stands as a unique home goods store in Rye, New York, infused with her rich South African heritage. Together with her husband, John, they ventured into stock management without prior software expertise. Despite this challenge, SARZA discovered an ideal solution in Qoblex. The seamless integration with Shopify and outstanding customer service convinced them to adopt the platform without hesitation. This choice significantly bolstered the SARZA’s growth, streamlining its stock management processes. Qoblex’s user-friendly interface and dependable support were pivotal to the SARZA’s remarkable success.

“Qoblex’s seamless integration and exceptional customer service were pivotal for our growth.”

-John, SARZA

SARZA's founder Sarah


This Q&A has been compiled from a customer interview and presents the key points and insights shared by SARZA regarding their experience with Qoblex.

Thank you for joining us, John. To begin, can you tell us about the challenges SARZA faced before using Qoblex?

The main challenge was our lack of experience in software solutions for stock control. Both Sarah and I had no background in managing stock holdings or software integration, making it a daunting task as we ventured into our small business.

How did you come across Qoblex, and were there any reservations when you started using it?

In 2017, when we were exploring options in the Shopify app store, Qoblex stood out due to its positive reviews and seamless integration with Shopify. We chose it primarily because it linked well with Shopify and Xero, our accounting system. We didn’t have reservations; it seemed like the right fit for our needs.

Can you share your experience with Qoblex and its impact on SARZA?

Qoblex’s seamless integration and exceptional customer service were pivotal for our growth. The team provided hands-on support, guiding us through the setup phase. As a small business, this personalized assistance was invaluable, allowing us to navigate complexities and streamline our operations effectively.

Considering your experience, who do you think would benefit most from Qoblex, and would you recommend it?

I would highly recommend Qoblex, especially for small businesses and startups. The level of customer service and quick response time have been essential for us. Small businesses, like SARZA, looking to manage stock, control costs, and integrate seamlessly with online stores would greatly benefit from Qoblex’s simplicity and efficiency.

Thank you, John, for sharing your insights. Is there anything else you would like to know or discuss?

I’m interested in learning more about Qoblex’s journey and your future plans. It’s inspiring to see how you’re making a difference for small businesses.

Certainly! Qoblex’s journey has been challenging but rewarding. We started with the vision of simplifying complex processes for small businesses. We have focused mainly on Shopify and Xero integration, but we are now expanding to integrate with platforms like WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, and others. Additionally, we’re launching integration with QuickBooks to cater to the U.S. market more effectively.

That’s impressive. Simplifying complexities for small businesses is indeed crucial. I appreciate your efforts, and I wish Qoblex continued success!

SARZA store interior


Thanks to John of SARZA for sharing their story with Qoblex. If you’re in the market for contemporary African design of home decor, furniture, and accessories, give their website a visit! Emphasizing quality and sustainability, SARZA champions small businesses that support communities, crafters, and artisans. Their products are meticulously made, often by hand, ensuring a perfect blend of quality, fair working practices, and respect for the environment. Explore their collection and embrace the essence of African creativity and craftsmanship.

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