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Creating a Purchase Order 2.0

In the improved purchase order module, we have enhanced the order module’s functionality to manage requisitions, goods receipt notes, bills, and payments in one view.

This guide will walk you through creating and processing a purchase order in the new format.

How to create a Purchase Order

To create your Purchase Order:

  1. Go to Stock Control > Purchases.
  2. At the top-right corner, click + Create.
  3. Fill out the necessary fields of information about your sales order.
  4. Click Approve.

The following are the fields of information you need to input to create your Purchase Orders:

SupplierThe name of your supplier. You can choose pre-defined supplier information that you have added from your Supplier contacts. You can refer to our Contacts module for more information on how you can set up your contacts.
Order NumberThe specified order number for the order. You can set up order number automatic sequencing from your Branding & Customization.
Supplier referenceA unique identifier for your supplier.
CurrencyThe unit of value used in a particular country. Usually based on your supplier’s payment. You can set up your Currencies from your Account Settings.
Ship ToThe location of the warehouse where the items will be shipped to. You can refer to our Inventory and Warehouses guide for more information.
Bill ToThe billing location that you have set up on your Profile & Organization settings.
Created AtThe date the transaction was created.
Due DateThe order’s due date that you have set or agreed with your supplier.
Price ListSet the price list assigned to your supplier. You can go to our Price Lists guide to know more about how you can set this up.
Is Tax InclusiveIf the taxes are already included in the total amount of the order. You can set your taxes in your Tax Settings.

Adding Additional Costs or Landed Costs

At the bottom section of the page, you can enter a separate custom line item for your orders. These can include your landed costs, such as Shipping, Freight, Duties, etc., that you can factor into your line items when you receive the bill.

Receiving your Purchase Order

Once your order is approved, you have two options to receive it. You can manually select the goods or use a barcode scanner to process them. Once the goods are received, the purchase order will be added to your Received Goods section.

If the order is not authorized yet, you can still make changes to some of the order details, such as the Shipping Location, Service, Method, and Tracking Code. You also have the option to make changes to the quantities to receive.

Creating a Bill for your Purchase Order

To create a bill for your purchase order, go back to the order’s view and select all the line items in which you will create a bill. To do so, click Receive > Bills > Manual Selection.

You can allocate only some of the additional costs in your order, skipping any costs you don’t want to factor into your line items.

In the Bills section, you can add a payment to the order by clicking Add Payment and filling in the amount. Once done, you can authorize the bill, which will be transferred to your Payments section.


In this section, these are where your payments are recorded. Once a bill is authorized, it will mark the purchase order as fully paid. The amount paid and due are at the bottom of the bill.

Other Sections in the Purchase Order view

There are other informative sections in the Purchase Order view that provide additional details about your order.

Related OrdersIn this section, you can link relevant orders that you created.
AttachmentsIn this section, you can upload any files that are relevant to your order.
TagsIn this section, you can add tags to the order for grouping and organization purposes.
ActivityIn this section, you can see all the actions that have been made to the order.
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