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Disassembly orders

A Production Disassembly Order – refers to an order issued by a company to produce specific quantities of particular products at a particular time by disassembling a finished product into its component parts.

Make sure you create the Bill of Material to produce and all of its components before creating an assembly order.

Create a disassembly order

Follow the instructions below to create a new assembly order

  1. Login to your Qoblex Account
  2. On the main navigation menu, click on Manufacturing
  3. Click Create

A new production order will be created. Fill out the header information as outlined below

ManufacturerThe supplier / manufacturer who is running the production job. Manufacturers are stored in the Suppliers page under Contacts.
Production TypeAssembly, or Disassemble. Make sure you set this field to Assembly for assembly production orders.
Order NumberOrder number
Created AtDate when the production order was created
Finished ProductName or SKU of the bill of material to produce
LocationInventory location where the items will be produced from
QuantityQuantity to produce
Yield QuantityFinal quantity to produce

Bill of Material

The bill of material line items will automatically appear after you enter the finished product name.

The order items view has the following fields:

Product nameThe component product name
QuantityNumber of units to build into the finished product
WastageNumber of units wasted while building the finished product
UnconsumedThis field is disabled for Disassembly orders
Unit costUnit cost of the component
TotalTotal cost of this line item

Overhead and labor cost

Assembly overhead and labor costs enable you to enter associated external costs to your components when you are building the final product.
These costs could include:

  • Services,
  • processing, and packaging costs, etc.
  • Anything that relates to the assembly or processing of an assembled product.

To add labor and overhead cost:

  1. Click on Add Labor / Overhead cost
  2. Enter the line item quantity
  3. Enter the cost per unit

Build instructions

Complex production processes sometimes require documentation. Use the Notes & Tags tab to ender instructions on how to disassemble the finished product

The Related Orders functionality allows you to link other orders to the production order. This is very useful in back-order situations where creating a link between a sale order and a production order can easily help you navigate from one order to the other.

Start production

To start production:

  1. Set Production Type to Disassembly
  2. Set the order Location
  3. Set the Quantity to produce
  4. Set the wastage stock
  5. Click on Start Production

The Start production operation will set the order status to InProduction. This operation will also allocate the required stock of the finished product to disassemble.

Make sure the finished product has enough stock to start production

Complete production

To complete a production order:

  1. Set the order Yield Quantity
  2. Click on Complete

The Complete production operation will set the order status to Completed. This operation will:

  • Free the allocations performed on the product to disassemble when the order was set to In Production
  • Reduce the finished product stock on hand
  • Increase the components stock on hand
  • Update the components moving average cost value to account for extra labor cost if any

Cancel production

Cancellation of disassembly product orders is not supported at the moment.

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