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Importing orders with a CSV file

Importing manufacturing orders into your account using a comma-separated values (CSV) file is useful when you need to create multiple production orders. This feature is also useful when switching from another platform as it allows you to import all active orders in one go.

When you import manufacturing orders, the data is converted from the CSV file into orders.

Before you begin

Before you import manufacturing orders using a CSV file, make sure that you’ve added your locations and manufacturers beforehand.

The import will match the manufacturer and location by name. Orders that have an unknown manufacturer or location won’t be imported.


  • From your admin account, go to Manufacturing
  • Click Import… (top right corner of the screen)
  • The following window appears

  • Click on Get Template to download the default template
  • Fill out the template with the order information
  • Click Upload your file when ready

CSV File format

The following table describes which columns must have a value and the default value created automatically if the column is blank.

NumberOrder number. The order numbers must be unique within the same file.
CreatedAt (UTC Time – ISO 8601)Optional: Creation time in UTC. The date must be provided in the ISO 8601 format.
LastUpdatedAt (UTC Time – ISO 8601)Optional: Last modified time in UTC. The date must be provided in the ISO 8601 format.
DueAt (UTC Time – ISO 8601)Optional: Due date in UTC. The date must be provided in the ISO 8601 format.
Manufacturer NameExact Manufacturer name. The manufacturer must exist before uploading the file
Finished Product IdOptional: Product internal identifier. This field is optional and should only be used if the product does not have a SKU or barcode
Finished Product SkuSKU of the finished product
Finished Product BarcodeBarcode of the finished product. This field is optional if the finished product SKU is provided.
Production Type (Assembly/Disassembly)Production order type. Supported values are Assembly, Disassembly
LocationThe location where to add inventory when the order is completed
QuantityQuantity to produce
Yield Quantity (Optional)Final quantity to produce. This column is optional and can be removed.

The system checks if order numbers are unique within the CSV file only, and does not check whether the numbers are already used by existing orders.

Common import problems

If you have a problem uploading your orders CSV file, see if the problem is listed in the following solutions. If you still have problems, contact our support team for help.

Invalid CSV file. Please check the file format and try again

The uploaded file is not a comma-separated value file. Make sure you can open the file in a text editor and that the headers are correct

Order <order_number> has already been added – please use a different order number

The file contains two different lines with the same order number. Change one of the lines to have a different, unique order number

Order <order_number> the specified manufacturer ‘<manufacturer_name>’ could not be found

The system selects the manufacturer to assign to each production order by name. Make sure the manufacturer exists under the Suppliers tab, under the Contacts page

Order <order_number> the specified location ‘<location_name>’ could not be found

The system selects the location to assign to each production order by name. Make sure the specified location exists before uploading the file

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