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Production Orders

A Production Order – refers to an order issued by a company to produce a specific quantity of a product in a particular time frame. Production orders usually come in two categories, assembly, and disassembly orders

You can access production orders by:

  1. Login to your Qoblex Account
  2. On the main navigation menu, click on Manufacturing

The manufacturing module offers support for two types of production orders:

  • Assembly orders allow you to build a finished product out of its raw materials as defined in the product BOM
  • Disassembly orders allow you to reverse the assembly process by dismantling a finished product into its components as defined in the product BOM

Production Orders have the following statuses based on the current production stage:

  • Draft
  • In Production
  • Completed

Draft Orders

When you create a production order, the system will automatically set it its status to Draft. Draft production orders are placeholders and do not affect your inventory levels.

In-Production Orders

Production orders which are in “InProduction” status allocate inventory to the production process. Stock allocations will ensure the units being produced are not sold while the production process is ongoing.

In assembly mode, the system automatically allocates all the units required to build the finished product. In disassembly mode, the system allocates the finished product being disassembled.

Completed Orders

When you complete a production order, the system will set the order status to “Completed”. The complete operation will make the necessary inventory adjustments to reflect the completion of the production process. In assembly mode, the finished good stock levels will increase while the component inventory levels decrease. In disassembly mode, the finished product stock levels decrease while the components inventory levels increase.

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