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Effective management of products is a critical component of running a business, and it can become particularly challenging when dealing with hundreds of different products and variations. Fortunately, Qoblex provides a comprehensive solution for organizing and tracking your inventory to streamline product management.

In this help center article, we will guide you through the various features of the Products section in the Inventory module and provide an overview of the actions you can perform within this section.


There are several actions you can perform within this section. Here is the overview of them:

  • Create new products
  • Import products
  • Edit products in bulk
  • Perform sync operations (sync, publish, hide, unlink)
  • Bulk edit product attributes (add/remove tags, set suppliers, set product types)
  • Export your historic inventory
  • Bulk delete and archive/unarchive products

All these actions help you manage your products and their variants and control the sync between Qoblex and your stores.

Filtering products

It’s very important to have the functionality to filter out certain types of products, a particular group, or a specific item, especially when you have dozens or hundreds of products. Qoblex offers several filtering options in the Products section of your Inventory.

The filtering options include the following:

  • Filter by product tag – will list all your products with specific tags that you choose
  • Filter by product type – will list all your products of a specific type that you choose
  • Filter by brand – will list all your products of a specific brand that you choose
  • Filter by supplier – will list all products with a supplier that you choose
  • Show archived products – You can turn this on to see your archived products.
  • Generic search – you can search specific products by SKU, name, or barcode

Saving views

Once you have filtered your products using one or several of the filters above, you might want to come back to the same filters without the need to perform all the actions again. To do that, you can save views in Qoblex. The steps are simple:

  1. Go to Filters
  2. Select all the filters
  3. Click on Apply filters
  4. Once you have your filters applied, click on Save view
  5. In the window that opens, choose a name for a new tab and click on Save view

Now that you have saved your filters, you will see a new tab next to Filters. You can always click on it, and the filters you used will apply automatically.

Creating new products

When you create products in your store, Qoblex will sync the product according to the integration settings that you have in your account. However, you may want to add a product in Qoblex that is not part of your channel, or maybe you manage your products in the system. There are several types of products you can add within Qoblex so that the structure works best for your needs. Below are the types of products that you can create within Qoblex. For a detailed guide, click on the product type and follow the link.

Simple product
A simple product is a basic, standalone item with no variations or customization options. Examples might include a t-shirt of a standard size and color or a package of pencils. For detailed information, go to this guide.
Variable product
A variable product is similar to a simple product but includes variations or customization options that customers can choose from. For example, a t-shirt might come in different sizes or colors, or a package of pencils might include different lead hardness options. For detailed information, go to this guide.
A bundle is a group of related products that are sold together as a single package. Bundles might include items that are commonly used together or that complement each other in some way. For example, a bundle might include a printer, ink cartridges, and paper. See this guide for details.
Bill of materials
A bill of materials (BOM) is a list of all the components and raw materials that are required to manufacture a finished product. BOMs are often used in manufacturing or inventory management to ensure that all necessary parts are on hand and that products can be assembled efficiently. For the details, head to this article.

Additional details, such as inventory, prices, cost, images, and grouping and organization attributes, can be added within the Product details view.

Importing products

Qoblex offers two ways of importing products in bulk. You can import your products from connected sale channels such as Shopify, or you can import your products using a CSV file.

Importing products from Shopify

This process is very straightforward and will require only a few steps:

  1. Login to your account and click on Inventory
  2. From the inventory page, click on the Products section
  3. Click on the 3 dots symbol () at the top right corner of the page
  4. Click on Import Products and choose Import products from your Shopify store
  5. Choose a store you would like to import products from and click on Import my products

Editing products in bulk

You can bulk edit your products in Qoblex in two ways. You use the built-in table editor to make changes to your products, and you can edit products using a CSV file. This guide covers how to perform bulk editing in Qoblex.

Perform sync operations

Qoblex offers bulk operations for controlling your listings in sales channels such as Shopify. The Product section allows you to bulk sync, publish, hide, and unlink your products. This article explains each of the functions and how to use them.

Bulk edit product attributes

To manage your products effectively, it is essential to use tags and product types, as well as have your suppliers linked to products. The Product section allows you to add/remove product tags and set suppliers and product types in bulk. The screenshot below describes where to find these actions.

Historic Inventory

Qoblex takes snapshots of your inventory for each location every day. You can export your inventory for a particular date and location. This article shows how to perform the export.

Bulk delete and archive/unarchive products

Products can be archived/unarchived and deleted in bulk within the Products section.

Deleting products in bulk

  1. From your Qoblex account, click on Inventory and then Products
  2. Select the products you would like to delete
  3. Under Bulk Actions, click on Delete products
  4. Choose whether you want to also delete the selected products from your online sale channels such as Shopify.
  5. Click Delete
  6. The selected products will be deleted in the background. The final results will be posted to your activity feed.

Products that are part of active sale orders (allocated, invoiced, and partially shipped) or active purchase orders (approved, partially received) cannot be removed. You will need to close the active orders first so you can delete the selected products.

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