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Profile and Organization settings

This section will allow you to manage your personal and organization information, as well as perform security actions, etc. This article covers all these processes.

To access these settings, you need to go to your Account Settings in Qoblex and click on the Profile and Organization settings.

Personal and Organization Information

Personal and Organization information sections contain the following settings:

Personal Information (for each user):

  • Your name
  • email address (read-only)
  • Enabling/Disabling Partner Dashboard to access other organizations you are affiliated with (more on Partners here)

Organization Information:

  • Organization name
  • Registration number
  • Timezone information
  • Decimal display (default number of decimals to display throughout the system)

Note: Decimal display will define your number of decimals across the platform. This setting will be used to configure the numbers in your reports, sales, purchases, etc.

Billing Locations

It’s very useful to save your billing location information within the platform. It’s also going to be used automatically in your Purchase orders.

Creating a billing location

  • Go to Account Settings Profile and Organization settings Billing Locations
  • Click on Add Billing Location
  • Fill in the information required
  • Click Save&Close

You can also delete a location by opening it and clicking on Delete location.

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