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Split COGS to different ledger accounts

This article covers the splitting of COGS data into different Xero ledger accounts.

The Xero Integration setup guide outlines the various steps to follow in order to get going with Xero. It covers the basic default settings such as sales, payment, purchases, COGS, and adjustments ledger account settings. Those default settings can be augmented to sync Cost Of Goods Sold to different accounts depending on product attributes. The following article outlines the steps to follow to sync your COGS data to different Xero accounts.

Add a COGS sync rule

Follow the steps below to add a payment sync rule to your Xero integration.

  1. Under Integrations
  2. Click View Settings under the Xero integration tile
  3. Under Cost Of Goods Sold accounts section, click Add Sync Rule
  4. Choose a condition
  5. Type in or choose a value
  6. Choose the ledger account you want this type of data to sync to
  7. Once you set the conditions and values, Click Add Rule

The table below outlines the COGS sync rules supported as of today:

Sync rule name (condition)How it works
Sales from storeSync cost data into different ledger accounts depending on the store the order originated from.
Order contains tagSyncs sales data into different ledger accounts depending on the tag added to a sale order

Remove a COGS sync rule

To remove a sale sync rule:

  1. Go to Integrations
  2. Click on Settings on the Xero integration tile
  3. Under COGS Accounts, find the rule you want to delete
  4. Click on the cross (❌) symbol next to the rule you created.

Once you are done creating rules and making other changes to your Xero integration settings, you can click on Save Changes.

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