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Stock On Hand Report

Your Stock On Hand report gives you a detailed overview of your products and variants to help keep your inventory management in control. You can monitor your current available products, keep tabs on inventory levels, and spot potential issues like stockouts or overstocking.

In this article, we will guide you on how to utilize your Stock On Hand report.


  • This inventory report lets you view the allocated and available inventories and information about their alert level and lead time. Enabling you to monitor the movement of your inventory.
  • This inventory report shows the moving average cost of your products and variants, including their total cost.
  • To better manage and keep track of your inventory, you can control how you view this report using the filters feature.

How to view your Stock On Hand Report

To view your inventory Stock On Hand report:

  1. Go to your Analytics module.
  2. Click the Stock On Hand tile among your inventory reports.
  3. Type the name or SKU in the search bar to view specific product reports.
  4. To hide columns in your view, click the eye icon at the top-right corner.
  5. Click Filters to narrow down the report view.


You can filter your view so that it only displays specific data about your products or variants to use this inventory report effectively. You can sort them based on the following:

  • Product Tag
  • Product Type
  • Brand
  • Supplier
  • Location

When no location is selected in the filter, the system automatically reports the products or variants’ quantities, allocated, and available inventory across your locations.

Columns in your Stock On Hand Report

Like your other inventory reports, the Stock On Hand report displays the important details of your inventory (i.e., name, SKU, barcode, pricing, moving average cost, etc.). However, this report also includes significant data about the inventory you currently have on hand.

The following distinctive columns that this report includes:

Alert LevelIf you have set up an alert level for the stocks of your product or variant.
Lead TimeThe duration of your products or variants to be replenished by placing a purchase order for them.
Quantity To OrderThe total quantity of your products or variants needed to replenish their stocks.
SupplierThe name of the supplier that is set to your products or variants.
BrandThe brand name that you have set up for your products or variants.
WeightThe weight of the specific product or variant.
Total CostThe total cost for the quantities of each product or variant. Product or variant quantity is multiplied by product cost.

Check the grand total cost of your products or variants

You can find your stocks’ total cost by navigating to the report’s footer at the bottom of the page:

Similar to your other reports within Qoblex, you can export the table via CSV by clicking the export button beside the eye icon at the top-right corner of your report.

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