Sync Multiple WooCommerce stores

Qoblex enables you to link your WooCommerce stores to help with your inventory management. Along with this integration, you can also link multiple stores to properly manage the inventory data that your stores have.

You have multiple ways to configure the sync between your stores with Qoblex. Setting up the correct configuration according to your preference helps you determine how your product data and stock levels are managed among your stores.

How does the sync work?

Using your product name or product variant SKU, Qoblex uses this information to match identical products from your WooCommerce stores and link them together. This is done through the integration that you have within Qoblex and WooCommerce.

You can read more about integrating your accounts on our WooCommerce Installation guide.

Match products by name

Qoblex uses the product name when importing products from WooCommerce to find related products across multiple stores and automatically link them together. In this mode, Qoblex links the names of the items with the option values of the product variations.

Match products by SKU

Qoblex links together products in your stores that are similar based on their SKUs. This mode is advisable to use as the link option if you have stores in various languages.

Make sure that all your SKUs are unique to avoid duplicating products.

Multiple stores, different languages

If you have multiple WooCommerce stores in different languages, you can successfully link their products with Qoblex and keep them in sync.

However, to avoid discrepancies and mismatching information within your products, it is vital to turn off any language-sensible attributes in your product synchronization settings on your integration.

Make sure that similar products with different names have been set to have the same product SKUs, this is so the system will be able to recognize them as one. Qoblex ensures that no duplicate products are synced during the import process and will automatically identify them.

The language used in Qoblex

You can set up your preferred language in Qoblex when you manage your stores. All you have to do is to make sure that you first install the store which uses the language that you prefer, then you can continue to link the other stores that you have in a different language.

In this way, the product names and descriptions in Qoblex will show up in the language that is according to what’s being used for your first store. Once you connect your second store that’s also set in a different language, this won’t affect the current language that you already have in Qoblex.

It’s also important to uncheck the language-specific attributes on the next store to avoid Qoblex from pushing the product names, descriptions, tags, etc., in that language.

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