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Sync Sales Order to Shopify

When you receive sales orders from your various sales channels, such as Shopify, they are automatically synced to Qoblex. We have recently introduced a new feature that allows you to sync orders created within Qoblex back to Shopify.

This is particularly useful for those who need to seamlessly integrate Qoblex orders, such as wholesale orders, with their Shopify store. This feature is beneficial for those who use apps like 3PL, ShipHero, and ShipStation on Shopify.

How to sync orders to Shopify

To sync your sales orders to Shopify:

  1. Go to the Sales module.
  2. Select the order created in Qoblex that you want to push to Shopify.
  3. At the top-right corner, click Bulk Actions.
  4. Click Sync to Store.
  5. Select the Shopify store that you want to push your orders to.
  6. Click Sync Orders.

Once the order is synced to your Shopify store, you can fulfill it in Shopify or Qoblex.

You can also find the Shopify link from the order’s view in Qoblex.

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