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Xero Sync Status

The Xero Sync Status report shows all sales, refunds, purchases, and inventory adjustments along with their corresponding Xero sync status.

To view your Xero Sync Status report:

  1. Go to your Integrations module.
  2. Find Xero and click Settings.
  3. The last tab in the menu is Sync Status.

The Xero Sync Status report can be exported to CSV by clicking on the corresponding button on the top right corner of the report table.

Columns in the Sync Status page

Note: The date filter is in UTC time. To make sure all transactions are reported, you might need to modify the date filter and move your date forward to a day or two in the future. If you are ahead of UTC time (such as in Australia or New Zealand), this can be useful.

IDThe transaction ID which you can open as a link in S&B.
CreatedThe UTC time when the transaction was created.
Last UpdatedThe UTC time when the transaction was updated.
TypeIf the transaction is a: Sale, Purchase, Adjustment, or Refund.
StatusThe status of the transaction.
SubTotalThe sub total of the transaction.
TaxThe total recorded tax of the transaction.
TotalThe total of the transaction.
CostThe cost of the transaction.
– If a sale transaction, this represents the order cost of goods sold.
– If a purchase order, this represents the net order total.
– If an adjustment, this represents the total adjustment cost.
Xero LinkThe transaction’s link to Xero.
Journal SyncShows whether the transaction has been recorded in the daily journals.

A yellow triangle in Xero Link indicates that the transaction hasn’t been synced yet. Whereas in the Journal Sync, it indicates that the transaction has not been synced to the journals yet.

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