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I am a paying customer that utilizes the integration with Shopify to Qoblex to Xero… What I trialed: TradeGecko, Cin7, and Dear Inventory… the value and service are insanely good. The number of integrations and ease of use is something I haven’t found even for triple their price.

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The base package comes with 1 hour onboarding process. Let us know if you need more than one hour to onboard / train your team.

Our pricing model has a base package which includes all features you need to grow your business. You can expand your plan on the go to match your grown needs. 

On the 14 day trial you have access to all the features we offer. Use this time to determine which features are useful for your business now and which features you foresee using 3 to 6 months down the road as your business grows. Let us know if the 14 days are not enough for you to decide

The free trial is a commitment-free time period to explore Qoblex. To make the most out of the trial be sure to import your products either via CSV or by integrating an online sales channel such as Shopify. If you need help during your trial period, feel free to reach out

Nope, no credit card is required to start a trial, just register and get started straight away. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to any of our plans at any stage later on. Ping our support team if you have questions

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1 Hour
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B2B eCommerce Portal
Ideal for wholesale businesses
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One time setup fee with the help of an implementation manager

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Save upto 30% on all our tools your new business needs to connect with more customers, more effectively


This app is one of the best investments ever! Our inventory problems have been solved. 90% of our products are bundles/composites and Qoblex works perfectly with these types of products. Support is awesome!

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Talk with our experts that have helped hundreds of product sellers just like you.

Engage an onboarding specialist to make it much easier for you.

Unlike other systems, we can get you up and running within 1 week.

Talk with our experts that have helped hundreds of product sellers just like you.

Engage an onboarding specialist to make it much easier for you.

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