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Warehouse Management

Manage your inventory movement within a single warehouse, or multiple warehouses across multiple locations. Oversee your shipping, receiving, picking and packing needs – all on a single platform.

Warehouse Inventory Management Software

This app is one of the best investments ever! Our inventory problems have been solved. 90% of our products are bundles/composites and Qoblex works perfectly with these types of products. Support is awesome!

No more spreadsheets

Manage your inventory across multiple warehouses.Move away from spreadsheets and digitize your process of ordering, managing raw materials and storing your goods and assets inventory.

Audit Logs

Detailed stock history provides a comprehensive log for restocking quantity, dates, and associated team members.

Stock Transfers

Easily create a stock transfer document and shift stock between your warehouses.


Set up a stock location and do a stock transfer to move stock into that consignment location. You can then create sales orders from that location.

Goods Receipt Notes

On purchase orders, you can specify where you wish to receive stock. When the purchase order is received it will direct the stock into that location.


People working remotely in different warehouses and the head office can have access to the same up-to-date inventory information.

Bin Locations

You can track the locations of your variants in different warehouses, and print out Pick Lists once your orders reach the Shipping stage.

Role Based Access

Customize the access each team member can have to your stock management system

Price Lists

Add as many price lists to your products as you need. You can define price lists in any supported currency (200 currencies)

Bundles (Kits)

Group, package and supply products that are related as one unit. Purchase raw materials and assemble finished products.

We have been loving Qoblex app – this has been a great system for managing inventories between our stores. And their support team is great to work with – they listen to your needs and work hard to improve the user experience!

Frequently asked questions

Ask everything you need to know about our products and services.

Inventory allocations are critical in preventing double-booking of your stock. When an order is created, allocated stock is committed or reserved. Quotes do not allocate inventory until they are changed to active orders. Active orders deduct stock from the available total stock. When orders are fulfilled, the on-hand inventory is decreased and the allocated stock is removed.
Yes. You can use the web admin interface to pick, pack, and dispatch your shipments. Furthermore, you can pick and pack using a barcode scanner using our mobile app.

There are multiple ways you can use to update your inventory values in bulk. Use the Stocktake functionality to modify your inventory data using a CSV file. You can also use our mobile app to create adjustments by scanning your product barcodes.

“When a sales order is fulfilled, either via the web admin or the mobile app, inventory is automatically decreased. If the order is coming from a sales channel, such as Shopify, it automatically gets marked as fulfilled.”

How it works

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Talk with our experts that have helped hundreds of product sellers just like you.

Engage an onboarding specialist to make it much easier for you.

Unlike other systems, we can get you up and running within 1 week.

Talk with our experts that have helped hundreds of product sellers just like you.

Engage an onboarding specialist to make it much easier for you.

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