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Boost your WooCommerce business

Our Inventory Management capabilities empower merchants to automatically sync sales with stock levels, invoices and order fulfillment.


This app is one of the best investments ever! Our inventory problems have been solved. 90% of our products are bundles/composites and Qoblex works perfectly with these types of products. Support is awesome!

Woo's Inventory Management is good but...

WooCommerce’s inventory management capabilities are limited. It lacks support for Bills Of Material, manufacturing management, proper purchase order management.

Automatic Sync

Your product details are automatically synced to your connected WooCommerce stores as they get changed.

Cost Tracking

Automatically compute your true landed cost, including shipping and freight.

Bundles (Kits)

Group SKUs into combinations and multi-packs and sell grouped items without tying up stock in pre-packed kits.


Purchasing and selling goods in multiple currencies? We help you manage your inventory and orders in more than 200 currencies.

Multiple Stores

Sync as many WooCommerce stores as you want and run your operations from one single, centralized dashboard.


Automates backend operations on WooCommerce, and combines all your sales channels, locations and currencies.

No double selling

Our allocated stock concept reserves committed stock and removes the risk of double selling the same goods.

Price lists

Link different WooCommerce stores to different price lists. Sell the same product across different stores at different prices / currencies

Save time

Stop wasting time creating the same products across different stores. Create products and update inventory once and let us do the syncing for you.

We needed to centralize our inventory as we simply could not keep up anymore. So glad we stumbled across Qoblex… After trialing the app it did exactly that and even opened up a Pandora’s box of other features that we are now utilizing and saving us even more time.

Frequently asked questions

Ask everything you need to know about our products and services.

Qoblex allows you to choose which products and variants to publish in your WooCommerce store. It automatically syncs all descriptions and images from Qoblex’s stock control software to Shopify.

Yes, when a customer places an order in your online store, Qoblex captures this Sales Order immediately and guides you through the order fulfillment process.

Qoblex automatically updates stock levels when you sell an item on WooCommerce or other channels including B2B. This helps prevent stockouts.

Absolutely. Qoblex automates backend operations on Shopify and combines all your sales channels, locations, and currencies, making it perfect for multi-channel sales.

Yes, Qoblex can give your wholesale customers a great buying experience by offering a fully customizable, private B2B eCommerce platform. Additionally, you can easily expand your WooCommerce store across other popular channels like Amazon and eBay and manage orders from one platform.

How it works

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Talk with our experts that have helped hundreds of product sellers just like you.

Engage an onboarding specialist to make it much easier for you.

Unlike other systems, we can get you up and running within 1 week.

Talk with our experts that have helped hundreds of product sellers just like you.

Engage an onboarding specialist to make it much easier for you.

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