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Maintaining a history of the modifications or adjustments made to your company’s inventory aids in keeping track of the development of your company as a whole – financial accuracy, compliance, and decision-making. The records are used as proof or evidence of what has changed during the period you start using Qoblex.

If several people run your business, this module is beneficial. This makes communication easier and contributes to the overall efficiency, transparency, and long-term success of your business.


  • Your Adjustments module automatically keeps track of any adjustment activity performed on your account. The adjustment’s reason, date, location, and the person who made it are all noted.
  • You can use the browser and mobile app to adjust your stock levels through Stocktake. All activities are recorded in real-time and will show up in the Adjustments module immediately.
  • You can create adjustments manually or run a stocktake by downloading a copy of your inventory spreadsheet through a CSV file and re-uploading it back to your Qoblex.

Adjustments module view

To navigate to your Adjustments module, go to Stock Control and choose Adjustments. In the module, you can see the information about all the adjustments that have occurred:

  • Adjustment number
  • Date
  • Reason
  • Status
  • Number of Units Changed
  • Total

To effectively manage and track the changes in your inventory, you can filter out your view according to the adjustment reason and your preferred date range.

From this module, you can manually create an adjustment and take control of its present status. You can either approve the changes or save it as a draft. But if you successfully alter your stock levels using the product’s view, the status is automatically Authorized.

Create an Adjustment

To create an adjustment:

  1. Go to Stock Control > Adjustments.
  2. At the top-right corner, click + Create.
  3. A new page will appear to fill out the necessary information about the adjustment.
  4. At the top-right corner, click Authorize.

The stock levels of the products or variants are modified after the adjustment has been approved.

The fields of information that you can fill in to create an adjustment are the following:

Adjustment reasonThe reason for the adjustment. You can choose a reason from the drop-down: Damaged units, Manual update, User Error, Stock Transfer, etc.
LocationThe warehouse location for where you want to adjust your products.
Assigned ToThe name of the user who makes the adjustment.
Product NameThe line items or products that you want to adjust.
Unit CostThe cost of the line item that you are adjusting. This is auto-populated according to your product and is adjustable.
On HandThe current available quantity of the line item prior to the adjustment.
QuantityThe mode is Adjust or Set. Adjust means to increase or decrease the quantity of the products you currently have on hand, while Set means to completely alter the quantity of the item to a different value.
On Hand (after)The updated quantity of the item after the adjustment.
TotalThe total amount of the item after the adjustment.
NotesAdditional comments or remarks you want to include to provide more information about the adjustment.

Run a Stocktake

You can download a CSV file from your Adjustments module that contains the current quantities for all of your products and make bulk adjustments using a spreadsheet application. The system will automatically apply the updates to your products after you upload the modified CSV file back to Qoblex.

To run a Stocktake:

  1. Go to Stock Control > Adjustments.
  2. At the top-right corner, click Stocktake.
  3. Select the location of your inventory that you want to adjust.
  4. Click Export my location inventory.
  5. Make the adjustments using the CSV file that you downloaded.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Upload the modified CSV file.
  8. The dialog box will show you the result of the import operation.
  9. Click Refresh my inventory.

Inventory reports that are sent by your suppliers that have the same columns in our CSV file can be uploaded to the system using the Dropship Stocktake option in the module.

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