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In Shape Mummy

In Shape Mummy

In Shape Mummy Overview

In Shape Mummy is a health and nutrition company dedicated to helping new mothers live their healthiest and happiest lives. Many new mothers are overwhelmed by the changes that motherhood brings to their bodies and lives after pregnancy. In Shape Mummy helps mothers overcome these challenges and take control over their health with their convenient health and nutrition products.

The company faced challenges managing stock levels and finances as it grew from a small home office setup to larger facilities, relying initially on manual spreadsheets. After moving to Qoblex, they found significant improvements, especially in time savings and error reduction.

“Qoblex created big time savings and eliminated some of our error-prone procedures.”

-Lisa, In Shape Mummy

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In Shape Mummy Q&A

This Q&A has been compiled from a customer interview and presents the key points and insights shared by In Shape Mummy regarding their experience with Qoblex.

What challenges did you face before using Qoblex?

We started off as a very small company.  Initially we were operating out of our home office and had our stock stored onsite. We managed stock and finances via spreadsheets.  That worked fine when we were small and could see the stock stacked on shelves.  But as we started to grow, we had to move our stock into separate facilities.  We developed issues with managing our stock levels and reorder timings.  And managing the accounting side became more time consuming and error prone as it was a manual process.

Did you have any initial reservations about using Qoblex?

Initially we had some reservations about figuring out how to set it up but we received lots of support from their support team.

What was your first impression when first using the platform?

Qoblex was a big uplift in functionality from working on spreadsheets.  It created big time savings and eliminated some of our error prone procedures. The Stock & Buy support team were extremely helpful.

How did our product assist your team or company in achieving its goals?

Qoblex reduced the time we needed to spend on stock management.  And the integration with our accounting system was a big benefit in time savings and improved accuracy.

Who would benefit most from our platform, and would you recommend it?

Qoblex is a great option for start-up businesses that have grown out of the set-up stage.  We highly recommend it.

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About In Shape Mummy

In Shape Mummy‘s Health Shake, founded by Melbourne-born and now Gold Coast mother of two, Lisa Bergsma, originated from her struggle to lose baby weight while managing the demands of motherhood. After realizing the lack of healthy and convenient solutions suitable for breastfeeding mothers, she established In Shape Mummy in 2016. Collaborating with leading dietitians and nutritionists who are also mothers, Lisa’s team developed a nutrient-packed superfood shake tailored to provide energy for new mothers and support healthy weight loss. The success of their Breastfeeding Shake led to the introduction of a second range of shakes catering to non-breastfeeding mothers.

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