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Our Story

In a vibrant world economy, over 440 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are operating, employing more than a billion individuals. These enterprises are the lifeblood of our society, propelling economic growth forward.

At Qoblex, nestled in the heart of Oslo, Norway, we are deeply committed to simplifying the operational challenges that come with scaling a business. We believe that entrepreneurs should channel their energies into what they excel at – conceptualizing and merchandizing products.

Our mission is singular yet profound: to develop a commerce platform that catalyzes the entrepreneurial spirit, empowering millions to cultivate and grow their business vision.

The modern-day accessibility to the internet has levelled the playing field, triggering a monumental shift in commerce paradigms and evolving consumer expectations. The contemporary consumer anticipates a seamless shopping experience – anytime, anywhere. This burgeoning “commerce everywhere” phenomenon has imposed a substantial strain on supply chain frameworks. In this disruptive market, only enterprises with a distinctive brand identity, a genuine consumer engagement, robust operational infrastructure, and an impeccable end-to-end customer experience will thrive.

At Qoblex, we envision liberating business proprietors from the operational intricacies, enabling them to dedicate more time towards fostering a brand that resonates with their audience.


Our Origin Story:

Qoblex was birthed in Oslo by three visionary entrepreneurs with a clear mission:  facilitate commerce for entrepreneurs, help them establish and expand their businesses. 

To bring this vision to life, they assembled a remote team of passionate engineers, transcending geographical boundaries. This global collaboration epitomized a company where the sun never sets, with continuous innovation happening round the clock. The founders and their dedicated team embarked on creating a software solution that streamlines backend operations for blossoming SMEs, delivering it through a sleek, integrated, and user-friendly platform.

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What We Offer:

Qoblex delivers a robust cloud-based commerce platform that lies at the core of our client’s operational workflows. Our software orchestrates the back office, disseminating crucial operational data to other vital business software systems while real-time liaising with supply chain partners. We seamlessly navigate intricate workflows and scalability demands. Qoblex is adept at supporting businesses equipped with multiple users, sales channels, warehouses, currencies, and tax stipulations, alongside CRM tools and essential business integrations such as accounting software, marketplaces, and numerous other tools.

Our inception was driven by the vision of witnessing millions of entrepreneurs flourish. We champion this growth by offering operational excellence, peace of mind, a premier product, and a team that evolves in stride with our clients through every phase of their entrepreneurial journey.

We empower our clients to amplify their sales across a broader spectrum of markets, more frequently.

Who We Collaborate With:

We are privileged to collaborate with an array of incredible commerce enterprises across the globe. Our platform is instrumental in transacting goods valued over USD 3.7 Billion, assisting clients across diverse industries like fashion & apparel, cosmetics, health & wellness, food & beverage, among others.

Where We Operate:

While our roots are firmly planted in Oslo, Qoblex’s influence transcends borders, with a clientele spread worldwide. Our dedicated team at Qoblex converges with a unified goal – to emancipate our clients from the confines of their offices, liberating them to concentrate on what they passionately excel at: cultivating extraordinary businesses.