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Email Authentication

By default, Qoblex sets the from address to [email protected]. If emails are sent from a user’s domain without authorization, it will lead to emails being flagged as Email Spoofing by most email servers.

Note: Qoblex and our email service provider (SendGrid) do not analyze the emails sent through our infrastructure, and no access to the authenticated email servers is available for either of the platforms. Emails sent through our systems are encrypted, and we only use the necessary information from the email header to route the message to its destination.

The reply_to address, on the other hand, is set to the user’s email by default, enabling them to receive responses from customers or suppliers directly within their own email clients.

Qoblex allows you to send emails from your own custom domain instead of using the default system domain. This allows you to change the from address for your emails, so your customers or suppliers will see your custom domain email instead of [email protected].

This article outlines the steps to configure Qoblex to send emails from your custom domain.

Steps to authenticate your email

  1. Open your Qoblex account and go to Account Settings → Email Configurations
  2. In the Email Authentication section, click on Authenticate Email

  3. A list of DNS record will be generated below. You need to add all the records from the list as a TXT record in your domain provider control panel.

Adding records to your domain provider control panel

  1. The next step is to login to your domain provider control panel and locate DNS settings
  2. In the DNS settings you need to add a new record
  3. Select TXT among the types of records
  4. Now copy the records from your Qoblex email authentication :
    • Host/Name – The hostname or prefix of the record, without the domain name (e.g. If the host name is then you will enter just host_name).
    • Value – The text string for the record. You need to copy that entirely.

  5. Once you added the host name and the value, save your changes.
  6. Repeat that process with all 3 records in Qoblex.

Verifying email authentication

Once you’ve added all the records to your domain provider’s DNS settings, you need to verify the records in Qoblex.

When you look at your Email Authetication section in Qoblex you need to look at the status of your records i nthe last column. If you’ve added the records and the status is still displayed as Unverified then you can click on Verify button. The successful status will look like this:

The email authentication is successful only if all 3 records are verified and display the successful status

Unautheticate your Email

Once your email is authenticated and all records display the successful status, your email is now authenticated.

If at some point you would like to remove the authentication, you can easily do that by clicking on Unauthenticate Email.

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