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Xero: Batch Syncing Invoices, Payments, and Credit Notes

Xero Batching is an efficient solution that enhances the Xero integration experience by merging invoices, payments, and credit notes into a single transaction. This approach ensures a streamlined process for your accounting records.

Information synced to Xero through batch syncing:

  • Sales Invoice
  • Payments
  • Credit Notes

At the end of each day, the orders that have been processed are synced and pushed to Xero.

How to enable batch sync in Xero

To enable batch sync in your Xero integration settings:

  1. Go to the Integrations module.
  2. Navigate to Xero and click Settings.
  3. Under Sales Accounts, tick the Enable Batching box.
  4. Click Save Changes.

How does the sync work

The system groups all transactions (sales invoices, payments, credit notes) by batch to easily track them:

  • Ledger Accounts
  • Currency
  • Tax Inclusive/Exclusivity
  • Sync Rules
  • Date of the transaction

To better understand how the transactions are categorized, please take a look at the table provided below.

When you process multiple invoices on the same day, they can be grouped together in a single batch invoice. This is done if they have the same Ledger Accounts, Currency, and Tax Inclusivity or Exclusivity. Otherwise, invoices that don’t meet these criteria will be synced separately on a different batch.

The payments you receive through different payment gateways or references are synced to the corresponding payment account set in your Xero Integration settings. The system groups these payments based on the payment gateway or reference set on your orders. If they differ, the system separates the order into a different payment in Xero.

For instance, an invoice using a different payment method (Pay A1) will be created as a separate Payment sync. This applies to other invoices that used the same payment gateway or reference.

Reference Codes

Sales InvoiceINV-20231107-USD-TE-200

INVInvoice Batch
20231107Date of the transaction
TETax Inclusivity/Exclusivity
200Sales Ledger Account


PAYPayment Batch
881Payment Ledger Account

Credit NotesCN-20231107-USD-TE-200

CNCredit Note Batch
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