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Managing Inventory Levels

Inventory management is a crucial part of any business when it comes to selling items. It is important to have processes and systems in place to manage your inventory effectively. Qoblex offers a range of features to assist you with that task.

Qoblex offers various ways to change your stock levels. These amendments can be performed:

  • Directly from the product details page
  • Using the bulk product editor and stock takes
  • Adjustments
  • Purchase orders
  • Stock transfers

Manual stock level updates

To change your product stock levels directly through the product details page:

  1. Go to the Inventory page.
  2. Find the product you would like to amend.
  3. Click on the product name.
  4. The product details page will open.

If the product is simple (does not have any variants), then the stock levels are exposed in the Inventory section.

You can change your stock levels by editing the Total Stock if your account has a single warehouse. In case you have multiple locations, the Total Stock field will show up as a link. Clicking the link will show your stock levels at all locations.

If the product is variable, the stock levels will be exposed at the variants level instead.

Bulk stock level updates

You can use the bulk editor to amend your stock levels only when you have one location. If your account holds multiple locations, you should consider using the stock take functionality instead.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders allow you to order stock from your suppliers. Receiving purchase orders will automatically increment your stock levels. You can read more about purchase orders in this article.

Stock transfers

The stock transfer functionality goes hand in hand with the multi-location inventory support in Qoblex. This functionality allows you to move stock from one warehouse to another. You can read more about stock transfers in this article.

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