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Qoblex Trials

This article describes the Qoblex trial period

Signing up for a trial

When you first join Qoblex, we automatically offer you a 14 days, fully featured, trial. In this time period, Qoblex will never ask for or require a credit card number.

The trial period is an effective way for you to try the different parts of the system including integrations such as Shopify or Xero before you commit to using Qoblex and move to a paid plan. 

The system will automatically send you a notification email a couple of days prior to your trial expiry date. 

My trial expired, what now? 

When your account expires, Qoblex will safely keep your data for a predefined time interval, as documented in our privacy policy (section 13). Your account will however be locked until upgraded to one of our plans.

Your data will automatically be removed after the predefined time period above.

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